New Fiscal Year Replenishes Funds for Business Development Grants

Contact: Tiffany Hutchinson-Padilla, Main Street Director (830) 672-2815 or Jennifer Kolbe, Economic Development Director (830) 672-2815

October 1 marks the new fiscal year for the Gonzales Economic Development Corporation (GEDC) and the City of Gonzales. For the GEDC and Gonzales Main Street this means that line items in the budget that are allocated for reimbursement grants are replenished.

Gonzales Main Street grant funds are allocated for projects in the designated Main Street area.

  • Funds can be used for the installation of sprinkler systems, compliance with ADA, infrastructure, demolition (of existing structure that can’t be restored historically) and framing.
  • Replacing or repairing of signage, new signs, renovation, and removal of existing signs and/or preserving ghost signs.
  • Improvements to storefronts, including, but not limited to, items such as removing slipcovers, false fronts or non-historic added facades, repainting of replaced mortar joints and brick (if already previously painted), removing paint & restoring it to its natural condition, reconstruction, or remodeling to achieve a more historic look, restoring transom windows, replacing/restoring awnings, or canopies to their historic state.
  • Landscaping (if irrigated and maintained or warranted for one year), parking lot resurfacing, striping, driveway improvement, lighting, electrical, plumbing, fencing and other infrastructure

The Gonzales Main Street Improvement Grant Program is set up to reimburse property owners, and in some cases tenants, after work is completed. The Main Street Advisory Board will review applications and submit approved applications to Gonzales EDC for final approval. Grants have a cap of $52,000 in available funds. Applicant must turn in at least two (2) bids for project. All qualified and approved projects will receive a reimbursement 90/10 Capping out at $52,000.00 (in reimbursement funds) upon meeting all performance agreement specifications. Businesses within the Main Street District should contact the Main Street director.

Grant funds are not just limited to the Main Street District. New and expanding companies looking to locate or expand outside the Main Street district are eligible to apply for funds directly through the GEDC office. All qualified projects are reviewed by the GEDC board and then approved by the Gonzales City Council. Each project is evaluated based on the merit of the application and overall economic impact which includes job creation and expansion of the tax base include property, sales tax and job retention and or creation.

Grant applications and grant guidelines can be found on the Gonzales Economic Development Corporation website