Gonzales EDC Receives Pressure Plane Analysis

GONZALES, TX – The Gonzales Economic Development Corporation (GEDC) board of directors
received a report from Southwest Engineers at its October board meeting. The study, commissioned by
the corporation in October 2020, was done to address water pressure issues that are impeding growth
in the Industrial Park and some properties in the northern portion of the community. The study includes
pressure plane scenarios for the entire City of Gonzales and sets forth a plan for future capital
improvement projects.

The study is a recommendation from the Gonzales Economic Development
Expansion/Enhancement Committee (GEDEEC.) This was a committee comprised of GEDC, GVEC, City
of Gonzales, Gonzales County officials, and the Gonzales Area Development Corporation. The GEDEEC
met in 2019 with the vision to guide growth for the future through collaboration and planning.

The water plane study has now been handed over to the City Manager, Tim Patek and will be
presented to the City Council.

About the GEDC

The Gonzales Economic Development Corporation is a TYPE 4b Texas economic development
corporation that collects a one-half cent sales tax off taxable goods purchased in the City of Gonzales for
the purpose of promoting economic development in Gonzales, Texas.